Innovation, Distinction and Design


At TOFIVELA we focus on distinction and innovative design as premises for designing, producing and commercialise products that meet and exceed our customers expectations.


Tofivela produces all of a vast range of metallic accessories, since buckles to applications for Fashion and Footwear Industries.

The market of furnitures is another bet of the company, distinguished for the iron fitting production and other metallic accessories for furniture.

The regional and decorative article production, as well as toasts advertising executives and promotional, is another activity that the company dedicates to.

The department of Research and Development distinguishes for the creation and development from archetypes / models. They developed new models from drawing, sketch, photo, etc. Every new model they develop is able to be personalized, by writing it in leisure or low relief.


Recognition as the focus of our work, so your satisfaction is the foundation of our company's success.

Commitment of all the work undertaken, understanding Quality as a key factor for meeting the needs and expectations of our Customers.

Respect and joint commitment of our team, believing that only teamwork can lead to the success of the parties involved.

Culture of the relationship with the workers, the local community and the general society, ensuring the respect and preservation of the environment and in harmony with the applicable legal requirements.

Consistency, with no discrepancy between what we say and do, in defense of what we believe in.